Track your treatment and bleeds
anytime, anywhere with HemaGo™

Keeping track of life with hemophilia may seem overwhelming. HemaGo™ was created with
the support of people with hemophilia to help you more easily manage the important
details of living with hemophilia.

With HemaGo™, you can easily:

Manage details about treatments, bleeds, and more for multiple
people from your mobile device or desktop

Track when and how much factor was used, the type of infusion,
vial and dosing amounts, and information about any other
medications you might be taking

Record type, location, duration, frequency, and status of bleeds

Log life experiences, such as pain and health scores or how a
bleeding disorder has affected work, school, or other activities

Upload photos to your bleed log

Set mobile reminders for treatment schedules and bleed logs

Get in-depth reports for all recorded information

Generate reports and share any of the information you record
with your hemophilia care team

Start tracking with HemaGo™ today

Once you start using HemaGo™, you can more easily maintain accurate, up-to-date records on your or your children’s hemophilia. It can also help you work closely with your hemophilia care team to make decisions that meet your individual needs.

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